Organic Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

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Our Organic Raspberry Jalapeno Jam is where sweet meets spicy!

The jalapeno flavour is mild and amplifies the flavour of the raspberry, serving up a gently warming heat matched by the sweet floral notes of the raspberry.

Spread it thickly on crackers, or pair it with a luscious soft cheese for a savoury treat.

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam is also delicious when used as a glaze for pork or chicken. Be adventurous and generous in your application!

Storage: Refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: Organic Raspberries, Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Jalapenos, Filtered Water, Organic Lemon


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yeah.. i'm not going back to regular jams...

After trying this -- I can't look at regular jam the same. If you've seen that one episode of FRIENDS where Monica makes jam, and Joey eats it by the spoonful and has it all over his face - you'll get a pretty good understanding of what I have looked like the last 2 nights since opening my jar.

Sharon Macaulay

Very impressed with this jam, delicious with a good cheese or in a roast chicken sandwich and nicely complemented by their silver tongue crackers. Certainly something out of the ordinary with perfectly balanced flavours.

Trish Carr
Raspberry jalapeño jam

Big burst of raspberry flavour followed by warm glow of jalapeño, very delicious

Janet Etchells

Organic Raspberry Jalapeno Jam

Leah Anderson
Now my all time favourite jam.

I love this raspberry and jalapeño jam. It’s delicious and clean.