We create organic, sourdough lavosh crackers and cracker condiments for people who value and enjoy small-batch, gourmet quality, wholesome foods. We are making a difference in the cracker industry by providing a clean and natural alternative that is as delicious as it is versatile. We are committed to uncompromising quality and authenticity, whilst honouring our heritage.



2020 was a year none of us will ever forget forget. Well, this is also true for the founder of Silver Tongue Foods - Kristina.

After being made redundant from her role in the building industry at the commencement of lock down, Kristina decided to fire up the family sourdough starter that sat in her fridge, laying dormant just waiting to come back to life....

Kristina started baking old family sourdough recipes originating from her Croatian heritage. Obsessed with perfecting these baking techniques taught to her by master bakers within the family, she adapted them to showcase her own take on flavours and style.

Within weeks, Kristina’s partner Andy was sharing the many sourdough delicacies such as breads, croissants, and her now famous organic sourdough crackers, with his work colleagues just so there was no food wasted. This continued until Andy was confronted by his team mates stating they were not going to take any more food unless Kristina would accept payment and could they please have a menu to choose from!

Word spread of these special treats very quickly and in the ultimate show of community spirit total strangers were contacting Kristina with their orders to take home and share with their family and friends.

This was the beginning of Kristina realising her calling....

The Crackers - How it all Started

In July 2020, Kristina reached out to the owners of Cheese Therapy: Helen Shadforth and Sam Penny, and requested feedback on her crackers and to share her story. Since that meeting in 2020, Kristina and Cheese Therapy have developed a strong partnership which continues to this day. 

Cheese Therapy’s support of artisan producers, like Silver Tongue Foods, has ensured our entry into the marketplace was provided with instant exposure to customers around the nation.

As demand grew, we went on the search for a permanent home for Silver Tongue Foods and shifted from hiring commercial kitchens into a place of our own. By Sept 2020 we had found space to rent, equipped it and got to baking..

By Oct 2020 we were accepted into the "Locavores" program by the White's group of IGA's on the Sunshine Coast to stock our sourdough crackers. This generous show of community support for Silver Tongue Foods further encouraged us and proved our product line had a place on the shelves in every home.

Our range now includes our Organic Sourdough Crackers in a range of flavours, Organic Jams, and Organic Pickles. We hope you'll love them as much as we do.