Lavosh sourdough cracker on black plate and black background with locally grown cherry tomatoes and a smear of dip.
Bacon, lettuce, and a large piece of organic lavosh sourdough premium cracker on a marble plate with a black background.
Two organic lavosh premium sourdough crackers stacked on top of eachother with hummos and red onion on a white plate, surrounded by seeds.
Jam and Silver Tongue Foods Organic lavosh sourdough crackers on a white plate on a black background with feta and seeds surrounding.

Gourmet Lavosh Sourdough Crackers

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Good things take time!

At Silver Tongue Foods we believe that time is the key ingredient to ensuring our premium Sourdough Crackers will always produce the perfect crispness and flavour profiles that come from the fermentation of premium ingredients.

The journey begins with our 35 year old starter lovingly cared for throughout three generations of Eastern European family cooks.

We are an Artisan producer of Premium Organic naturally leavened Sourdough Crackers, select pickles and preserves.

Our mission is to source the very best local ingredients available and be true to "Australian Made".


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Product Reviews

Oh my goodness! We had a feast last night! That raspberry and Jalepino jam is truly next level -- my family and I are your newest most enthusiastic customers and will be topping up with those stunning crackers and jam. It is so lovely to see a Sunshine Coast range with such incredible attention to detail, quality and pairing of flavours! You guys are awesome!


My fiance and I have been a big fan of your products since finding them this year at our local fruit and veg store. We are big on supporting small business and sustainability. Your story is so beautiful and we have religiously bought your sourdough crackers every Friday for our Friday night picnics ever since.

Thank you for making such beautiful products and making our date night that much more special.

Korriyn & AJ

I just bought some of your crackers after a friend recommended them to me. Wanted to say how much I love them and that everyone is getting some for Xmas from me.


I just had some of your sourdough crackers...and I just wanted to say that these crackers are delicious! So light and crispy and tasty.


OMG! The crackers are delicious. I love them!