Natural Sourdough Crackers

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Organic Sourdough Crackers. 

Light and crisp, and beautifully textured, this cracker is a staple for cheeseboards, soup toppings, and a light snack on the go.

Pair this cracker with fresh cheese, cured meats, and ripe fruit for a tasty treat.

This is the original organic sourdough cracker I learned to make from my mother, who learned from hers, and so on for generations.

Ingredients: Organic Flour, Organic Sourdough Starter (Organic Flour and Water), Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt

No added yeast.

Contains Gluten (from Wheat)

Contains Allergens (Wheat)

May contain traces of nuts

Customer Reviews

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Judy Giese
Nice tasting healthy crackers

I have tried the natural and the smoked salt crackers. I was introduced to them through a friend buying me a gift pack which included the smoked salt crackers. I liked them but found them too salty to go with cheese but I liked the fact that they have no additive and despite being too salty the salt content is low. So I bought the plain crackers and they are more suitable for cheese. I just like the fact that they only have 3 ingredients and are made with sour dough.

Malini Turner

if not the best crackers I have ever had. Simple and genuinely satisfying. I had the one with edible flowers - superb. Thank you!


I love these crackers! They are delicious & don’t have any nasty ingredients so I know that they are nutritious as well.